Film and TV making
Our facilities include the facilities for videotaping, photographing, 3D video production and aerial photographing; auxiliary facilities, including rocker arm, rail and other film and TV lighting fixtures. We also provide various types of films, broadcast-level HD and SD photographing and auxiliary facilities as well as large-scale professional studios for our clients.
Post production of film and TV
Post production refers to further processing of film and TV products after production so that the video becomes a complete work of art. Other than ordinary post production services, we also use Da Vinci color correction and various other high-end image processing technologies to make the images of our products more brilliant and attractive.
Commercial photographing
Our strong suits: building photographing, indoor scene photographing, figure photographing, static object photographing and landscape photographing. We record the past and freeze a particular moment of emotions with our lens. Our team keeps researching on the latest photographing technologies and post-production technologies with an aim to record the most brilliant moments for you. We have also maintained partnerships with some famous photographing organs of the USA in order to learn the latest international photographing concepts.
Aerial photographing
We have the most advanced equipment mounted on a pilotless helicopter and a captive balloon for aerial photographing, primarily for the photographing of the panorama of an enterprise premise and the panorama and skyline of a city as well as the production of promotional videos of a city or an enterprise.
Timelapse photographing
Timelapse photographing is also called timed photographing, reduced-time photographing and slow photographing. To be more exact, it is characterized by slow photographing but fast playing. For this purpose, a series of photos are taken and combined together into a video clip. We have a full set of advanced timelapse photographing equipment to fully satisfy our client demands.
Event photographing
Evening party, exposition, investment promotional conference, tourism activities, enterprise annual conferences … you can never afford to miss these significant moments! We offer photographing services chargeable on a daily basis. Our professional cameramen help you record each and every brilliant and exciting moment perpetually.
Equipment lease
Different from other lease companies, we offer our clients with an integrated solution that combines pre-production and post-production equipment and our quality professional services.
  Showcases of other services
Our featured services include film and TV making, post production, commercial photographing, aerial photographing, timelapse photographing, event photographing, equipment lease, etc and we can well meet the needs of our clients.
  Internet-based promotional videos
What is Internet-based promotional video? For the purpose of video promotion, an enterprise posts various types of short video clips onto the Internet in various forms so as to attract public eye and achieve publicity goals. The combination of “video” and “Internet” is the advantage of this type of promotional videos.

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