Promotion Film

Sound corporate image can enhance enterprise reputation, induce deeper impressions and confidences among investors and partners, win over public trusts and attract more talents. Scope of services: enterprise image promotion, product promotion, exhibition promotion, investment promotion, exhibition and conference, project declaration, image promotion, etc. For different types of clients, we can produce enterprise promotional videos, city promotional videos, product promotional videos, landscape promotional videos, etc.

We have very rich experiences in the shooting and production of promotional videos. In 2010, we produced three excellent promotional clips for the World Expo Shanghai, i.e. “2010, Bring our Hearts Together”, “Love the World in Smiles” and “Beside You”. Since then, numerous famous large enterprises have invited us to make promotional videos for them. Each product that we produced thereafter has successfully increased the reputation and market share of our customers and therefore we have gained full acclaims from our customers.


Advertising Film

Advertisements are based on creative ideas and they normally bombard the consumers with exaggerated images with an aim to stimulate their superficial material demands and profound spiritual demands. The yardstick to gauge a TV commercial is the impacts it generates instead of beautiful images.

We provide one-stop seamless services from idea creation to finalization of a TV commercial. Other than conventional TV commercials, we also create and produce the faster and wider Internet advertisements. With the development of the Internet, more and more companies have placed greater weights on Internet advertisement in their marketing budget and Internet advertisements seems to be the future trend. Numerous companies are interested in Internet advertisements.


Micro Film

Microfilm is simple, compact and robust and meets the public demands for instant consumptions. We have uniquely imaginative playwrights, highly experienced directors, advanced and diversified videotaping facilities and a senior and professional videotaping and production team. We never fail to deliver excellent performances in response to diversified demands for microfilms of different fields, types and subjects.

ZhengKai, our full-duty director and an emerging director, graduated from the Communication University of China in 2004. With his ardent love for and research on film and TV production technologies, outstanding tuning of film and TV characters and unique understanding of images, he has rapidly emerged among young directors of the 1980s. Among the outstanding microfilms that he has produced for Orange-SH, Pursuit has been broadcast on CCTV6 as his representative work and gained extensive public acclaims.

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