Promotional video

Demonstrate the best concepts in the best means! Sound corporate image can enhance enterprise reputation, induce deeper impressions and confidences among investors and partners, win over public trusts and attract more talents.

TV commercials

We create advertisements and advisements also create us! Advertisements are based on creative ideas and they normallybombard the consumers with exaggerated images with an aim to stimulate their superficial material demands and profound spiritual demands.

Micro film

have uniquely imaginative pla-ywrights, highly experienced directors, advanced and diversified videotaping facilities and a senior and professional videotaping and production team.

Display the birth of a film and television work

Display the birth of a film and television work

Great Orange Media fully displays its design process and its professional services and techniques.

DaVinci Resolve Lite—Amaze your eyes

DaVinci Resolve Lite—Amaze your eyes!

DaVinci Resolve Lite of Great Orange Media help us make the ordinary images more splendid and exquisite, which will definitely amaze your eyes.

The highest-grade aerial photographic effect

Great Orange Media is best at displaying corporate image. You must marvel at the beauty of buildings that you walk past every day.

Story behind and after the stage of a CCTV microfilm

“One minute on the stage and ten years of practice off the stage.” Microfilms are very fantastic, but the story behind it is also fascinating. Just see how Great Orange Media make it.

A perfect demonstration of the shooting process of an advertising video

Strict with every shot, we are convinced that we could offer you the best aesthetic feeling. You must be surprised at the marvelous effect.

Just like an orange (5th anniversary MV)

With your support, we keep going for five years. The song is dedicated to the unforgettable time. In the coming five years, we will keep striving for our dream.

The Blog

No planning charge for the first cooperation

As the largest film, television and video advertising maker in Shanghai, Great Orange Media stays committed to the making of quality corporate advertising videos, corporate publicity videos, advertisements on TV and network, and the other business shooting services.

Win-win strategic cooperation

To achieve the strategic goals of resource integration and mutual profits, enhance the team capability building, move forward the 2015 annual strategic cooperation and contribute to the development of the strategic partners, Great Orange Media has launched lots of preferential services relying on its platform advantages.